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A Sample Web Quest on China

A Complete guide to Make Webquests

A Web quest about Web quests-Middle School and High School

 Best Web Quests for Education

Web Quest  Search Engine, over 2500 up-to-date-listings

Make a Web Quest- It's easy

Integrating Technology into Education

Shell Island Dilemma: Carolina Coast

Donner Online

Look Who's Footin the Bill- a lesson in Democracy



Background Review

Building Blocks of a WebQuest

Activity - See Reference Sheet



A Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests

Readings and Training Materials

WebQuests Templates

WebQuests – Comprehensive Overview from Spartanburg District 3 County Schools





interesting sites not web quests

Institute for the Transfer of Technology to Education  Good Technology Articles

Life Studies:Nova

Humor and Stress

Oracle Think Quest

Comparison of Search Engines – Chart

Web Search Special Features – Chart


Not a webquest, but an excellent Activity

Why Do Civilizations Fall?

The Annenberg/CPB Project Exhibits Collection, brings revelations about the downfall of civilizations to young minds. This site explores the collapse of four ancient civilizations, while drawing eerie parallels to our own. Case studies are used to teach general information on the science of archaeology, while interactive activities dispersed throughout the site allow students to follow the processes of archaeologists. Kids use deductive logic to figure out just what caused some of the great civilizations to fail and eventually vanish.

      Other Educational Resources

Blue Web’n is a searchable database of outstanding Internet learning sites categorized by subject area, audience, and type (lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, & tools)

Education Calendar - Excellent links to Internet resources of events and happenings related to the month

Kathy Schrock’s Internet Guide for Educators

Hypertext of American History

Global Schoolhouse Projects

General Legislative Information


Educational Hot Links – CELT, Center for Educational


Top Ten Educational Resource List - ITCS

Curriculum Resources

Projects and Programs – Global Schoolhouse

Integrating the Internet

Tutorial Guide to Effective Internet Searching

Landmark Project – Searchable Database for Information

Landmarks for Schools – Helpful Tools and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions about Key Pals

Classroom Conferencing CU-SeeMe etc.

Ask An Expert

Comprehensive Collection of Resources

Search Engine Reviews

Map Machine

CIA World Fact Book

Welcome to the Planets

Smithsonian Natural History Web

National Inventors Hall of Fame