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Advanced Technology


Free Online University CoursesNew
Black History Month
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Stamp of the Week
African American History   New  !! Thanks JJ


Prominent African-Americans
The History Channel: Black History Month
Influential African Americans of the Twentieth Century: Photos
Thinkquest Sample Stamps
University of Indianapolis- Bios
Fractals Links
Art Technology Fractal Microscope Designs Fractals
Award Winning Fractal Designs
Fractals Background Fractal Microscope Curriculum
Mandlbrot's Midst Fractal Microscope Explanation
Fractal Microscope Interactive Fractals and Tutorial
Some Fractal Facts Fractal Galleries
More Images What is a Fractal?
Collection of Fractal Websites Javaquat: Fractal Maker Program
Fractal Tune Smithy Animated Fractals Done with Javaquat

Fractal Extreme 15 day free Download to Make your Own Fractals


Free Video Footage                         Video Worldbook- Can be saved as cache QT

Discovery Channel Links

MIT Media Program  Clay Animation
Movie Tips Claymation film link
Animation Archive More Claymation
Animation Tutorial The Clayman

Fiber Optics Information