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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


 Info on GIS in schools

 Community Atlas Special Project  

Virtual CT Project

 GIS Lesson Repository 

(Check the Crime and Aids lesson)



GIS Day Materials

Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing


ESRI Mac and PC GIS Lesson Materials  Grade K-12: CD Order for  Remote Sensing Core Curriculum
Australia GIS for Schools GIS Canada- Lessons & Tutorials  
American Memory Project FIPS 

State Identification Numbers

State Plane Projection Explanation

Lab 5 Conversion

Convert Decimals to Degrees: Lat/Long



Census: Fact Finder

GIS Maps and Tables

 NOAA Grant

GIS professor at Southern

Georeference-school tool   FireAnt K-12 project  
GIS: Digital Backyard an Explanation   New ArcView 9.2 Preview
ESRI ARC Lessons


ESRI Arc Voyager Lessons


School tools EXT
ESRI Community Atlas


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Information about the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in connection with health. States' Geospacial Data
ESRI Homepage ESRI Internet Mapping 
Teacher's guide for Imagers.  NASA Site ***
ESRI  K-12 ESRI  Mapping Demos2 The Geography Network for downloadable Data
Garmin Waypoint +

Type in "AV Garmin" for script EXT for Arcview


ESRI GIS in Your Everyday Life: Slide Show ***Workshop Topozone: Topographic maps
Geode: Geo data Explorer ESRI NE Regional Office

Supply support***Workshop

Geographic Names System Enviromapping  
GIS and Crime Stopping  A National Geographic Site More GIS Sites The Rocky Hull Fire
GIS and GPS University of Colorado links GIS Quest  
GIS at Boulder High School GLOBE Program's Visualization Page US Federal Geographic Data
GIS Clearinghouse FOR JOBS NASA's Digital Earth Program USGS- GIS Page
US Census  Glossary   

Data Summary


GIS Day 2001 ***Workshop UCONN-GIS Center
GIS Lessons and Data for Africa National Council For Geographic Education


UNH Cartographic Resources
GIS Notes:  How To National Geographic Map-Machine ***Workshop University of Edinburgh GIS Site
Landsat 7 Gateway


Products for NASA Classroom of the future Volcano Info:USGS
    V.I.S.I.T:  Virtual Immersion in Science Inquiry for Teachers
  Remote Sensing:  Forest watch Link World In A Box Video
All States: GIS    
DEM Files Digital Elevation Modles (STDS) Penn State University Digital Chart of World TOPO DRG map finder
DEM at 1:250000 scale (requires Arcview) Census Data and Metadata


UCONN-Map Library

MAGIC ***Workshop

ESRI Arcdata Online


TIGER: Detailed Street, Rivers, Boundaries, Railroads ***Workshop USGS Geographic Data Download Data Sets
Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies National Data Clearinghouse US EPA's "Surf your Watershed" Mapserver
GIS Data Depot GIS Glossary USGS homepage

Additional ESRI Sites

 Info on GIS in Schools

Special Project

GIS Lesson Repository

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Some General Data

ftps codes

Madison 44630




Waterford, Map Info


TCT0069 New London 41 15' 00" 072 00' 00" 1983 1984 Topographic

TCT0107 Uncasville 41 22' 30" 072 00' 00" 19891 1984 Topographic

TCT0074 Niantic 41 15' 00" 072 07' 30" 1989 1983 Topographic

TCT0058 Montville 41 22' 30" 072 07' 30" 19891 1983 Topographic


TCT0035 Guilford 41 15' 00" 072 37' 30" 1989 1984 Topographic