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  Swarthmore Math Forum Bill Nye Experiments
Life Science Safari  Grade 5+         Figure This Math Challenges 

                             images from:  http://www.artnatam.com/index.html

Grade 4 Links

Samples of Indian Geometrical Weavings

1 Navajo Navajo Mandalas
2  Navajo Symmetry in Oriental Carpet
3  Navajo  
4  Navajo Native American Art
5  Navajo Native American Geometry 
6  Navajo Navajo Sandpaintings
7  Navajo
8  Navajo  Navaho Sandpainting Rugs
9  Navajo  

Grade 5 Class Links for Oceanology  Unit

Students please only use these with class assignments

Jellyfish Page Croak: Simulation Adventure
Jellyfish Life Cycle Activity and other Creature Activities Secrets of the Giant Squid Web Quest



Process skills

In the Works        

Grade 1 ideas          


Primary thematic Units

For Parents and Educators

Who will be our next President: Fun Stuff!!

Connecticut Association for the gifted

State Department of Education: Gifted and Talented

A 2-5 Gifted Program in Illinois

Excellent Article about IQ

Intelligence and Personality Assessment





Bug Sites

More Buggy Sites

Excellent Bug Photos

Bug Unit


general links

Center for Critical Thinking

Minnesota Museum

Thinking fountain Science

Science Links and Fun Activities

Grade 6 Projects

Hands on Science  inc. remote sensing

exploritorium units
Exploritorium staff development activities







News About New Technologies

Lessons about Science and Technology

Viewpoint Dr. use 3-d imaging; graphic artists sell models

Virtual Insects and VRML Programing

Bug WebQuest K-3