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Remote Sensing Technology

CT Geographic Alliance

Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS Hartford 2/2009


Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing: U of Texas How GPS Works
Air Photo- flash movie
Aster's Image Gallery    
Build a Satellite Interactive Site     Workshop Michigan Technical University Remote Sensing Intro Space Imaging
Color Landform Atlas of the US States   Careers that use Remote Sesing Imagery
Earth from Space: NASA Astronaut Imagery    

The National Aviation Hall of Fame

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Echo the Bat &  

Amelia the Pigeon

Workshop ****

Mapquest Road Maps: Route Planner
The Electro Magnetic Spectrum Explained for Radar  

National Air & Space Museum: Collections

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Echo the Bat Student Page ***


Expedia Road Maps Workshop
Expedia Direction Maps  Workshop J-Pass Satellite Tracking Stennis Space Center Education Page  NASA  *****

Exploring the Environment

NIH Imaging Tool (National Institute of Health Image tool J-Image)

Other Imaging Tool

Workshop    Pam's Favorite *****

Multidisciplinary Remote Sensing Course

Geomorphology: BlkWht Satellite Images  NASA National Council for Geographic Education:  RS Task Force photo Related Links for Exploration

Global Fire Monitoring Site

National Oceanographic  Data Center  NODC

Realtime Satellite Tracking  *****


HS Remote Sensing Program: NASA

NC Aerial Photographs

The Globe Project

Kite Aerial Photography

National Oceanic & Atomos.Edu   

satellite Images from NOAA


Two Remote Sensing Lessons



LANDSAT 7 Images

LANDSAT7 Teacher's Kit  Workshop National Oceananic Agency- NOAA


TerraSever: Satellite and Topo Quads

Educational Pricing: Terraserver:Satellite Uses Topo Quads   ******


LANDSAT Satellite Images

Ordering the NASA  Radar Remote Sensing CD

Terra Server: Uses Aerial Photos and Topo Maps

Workshop *****

Lesson Plans for Basic Concepts of Remote Sensing Worksheets NASA: GIS and GPS

Recent Satellite Images ***

US Geologic Survey

Learning Technology Project: NASA       Workshop

Remote Sensing basics Where in the World Satellite Image Game Workshop   ****


World Trade Center Satellite Images
Science and Aviation Lesson Plans for All Ages

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Space Education Resources for Kids

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VRML  QTVR Nasa Images

Spaceborne Imaging Radar Teacher Resource Page SIR-C  *******

Virtual Hawaii



Terra Web:  Terrestrial Remote Sensing

You can do Remote Sensing    ****

Good Resources