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Grade 8 Science

Human Body

Interactive Human Atlas

PBS: Human Heart

Health Video Library

A Months Worth of Brain Activities

Longevity Game

Probe the Brain

Your Gross and Cool Body: Discovery Station

Teacher Talk: Brain Activities

My Body

The Soundry

Eye Site

Experiments and Activities

Enchanted Learning: Anatomy


 Spaced Out

Greetings from Mrs. Benn!

Article about Space Crystals and Medicine NASA
Astroclaus Contest
Build a Bubble Powered Rocket: Nasa
Build a Satellite Interactive Site    
Build a Solar System
Color Landform Atlas of the US States
Designing for Human Presence in Space Mars Landing: Remote Sensing  
Cosmic Zoom: Powers of Ten NEW
Designing for Human Presence in Space: Articles Viewing the Earth and Moon:NEW
Satellite Images of Earth:New
Discover Magazine Spaceday
Stormrunner LEGO Game
Surface of the Earth:  New

Far-out Housekeeping in space is a daring adventure, but somebody still has to cook dinner and take out the trash.

Protein Crystals in Space  for Mediicine : NASA
For Teachers:

Ancient Astronomers

Frankenfoods: Genetically Altered Foods   
High Level space Reading
Important NASA Space Links
How Much Do You Weigh on Other Planets
J-Pass Satellite Tracking
Living in Microgravity Solar system Info



3 Laws of Planetary Motion


Life Support Articles: NASA
Ratios Mars and the Internet
Mad Scientist Website: Edible and Inedible Experiments
o Space the Last Frontier
Space Invaders : just for fun
NASA's Solar System
Voyager: The International Space Station
Nasa Solar System Exploration



UNIT:  Deep Blue Seas

Discovery School Lesson: Aquahabitats

Jellyfish Page

NASA Ocean Game: JASON

CT Water Facts  
Jellyfish Life Cycle Activity and other Creature Activities Secrets of the Giant Squid Web Quest