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Grade 7 Science


General Information


Patent Office Search


Patent information

 African American Women Inventors

US Patent Office and Trademark page

 African American Inventors Database

History of Invention: Timeline

Black Inventors

History of the First patent in the US

Famous International Inventors

2002 Invention Index from MIT

PBS Inventors Page

Smithsonian Inventors list:  check links at the bottom

Smithsonian Encyclopedia

List of African American Black Inventors

More Inventioneering Links

* Areas of research and development supported by American taxpayers: (1998)
 * Inventions Americans could not live without (1996):
* Inventions that make life easier or more complex (1997):
 The importance of parents' and teachers' role in fostering invention and innovation in today's youth (2000):
* The most profitable career areas for inventors (1999):

Young Americans attitudes toward inventors and getting involved in

invention and innovation (2001):



General Fun Science Things:  Also check Subject Helpers --> Science.  Link Above

NASA's Fun and Games Page  

Nasa Earth Science: Kids Only