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Edison's Grade 6 Science Links

Unit 6: Alien Invasions

Biodiversity and Invasive Species

Biodiversity Atlas : A National Geographic Site  
The Archeology Channel Invasive Species Specialist Group: ISSG
Biodiversity Links  
Biodiversity Conservation Information System Invasive Species: Zebra Mussel Map
Biodiversity Unit Nation's Invasive Species Information System
Bird Link for CT Mr. Donn's Ancient History Page

Center for Aquatic and Invasive Species


Mayan Adventure

Mayan Cosmos

Panaramas and Lowland Images

The Yaxuna Archeology Project

  More Mayan

Secret of the Mayan Glyphs

Mayan Hieroglyphics

CT DEP (Dept of Environmental Protection) Research Paper Start Point
Human Heritage    Student Book Links to Invasive Species
Encarta Article about Invasive Species
Database for Invasive Species  




AccuWeather Storm Surge Demo for Hurricane Categories:  Featuring Long Island     
Automated Weather Source : AWS Channel 8 National environmental Satellite,  Data and Information Service Weather Channel
  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  Weather Services International 
Climate Prediction Center
New York Times Article

Weather Hunt  *****Lots of activities, webquest

FolkLore of Weather North East Regional Climatic Center

Weather and Climate Educational Links

WeatherNet Classroom
    Weather Trivia1

Weather Trivia 2


Geologic History

Dinosaur Expedition NASA Earth SCI Educator   Pangaea
Fossils Maps of the Ancient Earth   Plate Tectonics Puzzle
Nasa's "On the Move" Mineral Information   Real-time Earthquake Data

Official State Minerals




Nasa Earth Science: Kids Only

Nasa Soil Game

NASA's Fun and Games Page  

Earth Science Explorer

Nasa Classroom of the Future Research





What's a Guinea Roundworm?

"Aschelminth" Phyla     Slide Presentation of Guinea Worm Disease
Boreholes Guinea Worm Disease   The Fiery Serpent
Case Study Nigeria's Effort Pakistan's Effort World Effort to Eliminate Riverblindness
  Norway's Contribution    


Virtual Science Labs